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Treatment / Catheter-Directed Thrombectomy

Catheter-Directed Thrombectomy

When blood does not flow smoothly, it can begin to coagulate, turning from a free flowing liquid to a blood clot or thrombus.

Thrombectomy is a minimally invasive treatment where your vascular and interventional radiologist will use image guidance to direct a catheter to a site of the blockage. Once the catheter is in place, a mechanical device such as Trevo or Solitaire will be deployed at the site to remove the clot.

A stroke is a medical emergency and requires immediate care. The faster the stroke is treated, the better the outlook for the person having the stroke. Strokes can be fatal, but they can also be treated and prevented, minimizing damage and the potential for further complications or disability.

* This information about Catheter-Directed Thrombectomy was reviewed by Dr. Jason R. Bauer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below.

For more information on catheter-directed treatments for stroke, please call IVC at 503-612-0498.

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