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Portland’s Neurovascular Experts

At IVC, life-changing minimally invasive procedures are our specialty. As vascular and interventional radiologists, our staff members are capable of nonsurgically operating on tumors, diseases and other complex health conditions that have traditionally required open surgery for successful treatment. Now, with the addition of neurovascular services to our practice, we can help patients suffering from stroke, head and neck tumors, brain aneurysms and more enjoy a quick recovery and live a much healthier and happier life.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a neurovascular disease, schedule an appointment to come see us at IVC. Together, we will guide you through all of our advanced treatment options and demonstrate why minimally invasive interventional procedures have quickly become the modern-day solution for neurovascular disease.

Conditions that We Treat

Neurovascular radiology, also called neurointerventional radiology, specifically focuses on treatment of the brain, neck and spine. A healthy central nervous system plays a vital role in the functions of the human body. When the central nervous system becomes affected by neurovascular disease, it can cause extensive complications that affect not only your brain but also your cognition, motor skills and ability to interact with the world around you. Whether you have recently been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and are searching for your next step or you have cancer of the head or neck and are exploring your future treatment options, IVC can help you.

Our neurovascular experts treat a wide variety of conditions, including:

Each condition manifests itself in varying symptoms and levels of severity. If you have been experiencing symptoms consistent with any of the above neurovascular conditions, seek treatment immediately. The earlier you undergo treatment, the better your outcome will be.

Full-Service Neurovascular Treatment at IVC

At IVC, we provide full-service neurovascular treatment. We help our patients diagnose their disease using advanced imaging procedures, allowing our specialists to determine if any of our endovascular procedures are right for them. Not every patient is a candidate for minimally invasive treatment options, and equipping our patients with an accurate diagnosis allows them and their doctors to choose the best procedure that will ensure a successful outcome.

Following a diagnosis, our neurointerventionalist can then precisely target the disease, tumor or neurovascular condition at its source for lasting treatment. With the aid of image-guidance systems, we can monitor treatment in real-time without requiring open surgery or a large incision.

Our treatments employ the use of catheters that are inserted through a small perforation into the vascular system. Image-guidance is then used to direct the catheter to the source of the blockage or tumor responsible for the patient’s symptoms. Various techniques can then be used to precisely embolize specific blood vessels, remove arterial plaque or place a stent that reopens a blood vessel and encourages healthy blood flow.

Following endovascular treatment for a neurovascular condition, patients can typically return to their lives within a matter of days. Your exact experience will depend on the specific health condition that requires treatment and how severe your symptoms may be. Our neurointerventionalist will explain your procedure in detail ahead of time, helping you understand your treatment and the recovery that will follow.

Why Choose Minimally Invasive Treatment?

When possible, choosing minimally invasive neurovascular treatments can help you return to your life sooner and with greater ease than surgical procedures. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that not every patient is a candidate for neurointerventional radiology. For life-threatening conditions, surgery may still be the preferred choice. Our team will work with you and your doctor to prescribe the optimal procedure that provides you with the best treatment possible.

If minimally invasive treatment is possible for your condition, you can expect to enjoy a range of benefits. Because neurovascular intervention does not require large incisions, scarring is nearly nonexistent. Side effects are also minimized, providing a quicker and more comfortable recovery than traditional surgical techniques. Following an endovascular procedure, patients can often return home within a couple of days or even hours, rather than weeks.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Neurovascular Disease

Some common symptoms of neurovascular disease include:

  • Difficulty speaking or communicating
  • A sudden, severe and unexplainable headache
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of coordination or balance
  • Slurred speech
  • Paralysis or weakness on one side of the face or body
  • Difficulty swallowing

Because the central nervous system is so complex, there is no quick or easy way to diagnose a specific health condition without the aid of an expert. Some diseases, like a stroke, may be easier to diagnose due to a sudden loss of coordination, slurred speech, facial paralysis and other visible symptoms. Other conditions, like head and neck cancers, may be easily confused with less serious conditions due to their sometimes non-alarming symptoms, such as pain when swallowing, frequent headaches, trouble hearing or nosebleeds.

If you or a loved one is suffering from recurring or persistent symptoms in line with any type of neurovascular condition, pursue treatment right away. With minimally invasive procedures like those offered at IVC, neurovascular treatment has never been so comprehensive or effective.

IVC: Portland’s Neurovascular Experts

Schedule a consultation at IVC to learn how our cutting-edge endovascular treatments may be able to successfully manage your neurovascular disease without surgery. With minimal downtime and discomfort, IVC can help you return to your life as soon as possible. Call us today at 503-612-0498 to schedule an appointment with our on-staff neurointerventional radiologist.

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