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What Is Interventional Oncology and Is It Right for Me?

At IVC, our medical experts specialize in minimally invasive and effective therapies that can help you restore your quality of life without excessive downtime or pain. Interventional oncology is an emerging and invaluable subspecialty of vascular and interventional radiology that allows us to treat early or late-stage tumors, including those resulting from liver cancer. OurRead More

Will My Compression Fracture Heal on Its Own?

Suffering from debilitating back pain is often seen as a normal, expected and unavoidable part of the aging process. While some joint and back pain is an inevitable part of getting older, living with excruciating back pain from a compression fracture does not have to be. If you are experiencing pain stemming from your middleRead More

Can My PAD Be Reversed?

If you suffer from peripheral artery disease (PAD), then you know all too well how debilitating the disease can be. PAD affects an estimated nine million Americans, making it a common and wide-reaching health issue for both adult men and women. Fortunately, many successful and effective treatment options exist for managing PAD that do notRead More

Treating PAD: When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough

Managing peripheral artery disease (PAD) can be a frustrating and arduous experience. While plenty of exercise and a healthy diet can help keep cholesterol low and blood pressure regulated, not every individual with PAD who opts for conservative therapy will see results. Thankfully, treatment for PAD is not limited to conservative methods and many patientsRead More

What Our Patients Are Saying

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