Pelvic Congestion is a condition caused by enlarged pelvic veins which results in chronic pelvic pain. Often the condition is misdiagnosed and patients undergo months of uncertainty, many tests and medications, and often several surgeries with no improvement. This is frustrating for both the patient and the doctor.

Patients with pelvic congestion experience pelvic or lower back pain that worsens throughout the day. Often in the morning the pain is bearable, then throughout the day the pain, pressure, and burning gets worse and worse until it is utterly debilitating by evening.

Pelvic congestion is a true condition caused by large dilated veins in the pelvis. Often missed on laparoscopy, ultrasound, CT or MRI, the diagnosis can be made by a simple venogram.

A venogram is a test during which an Interventional Radiologist places a catheter into the ovarian vein and injects dye. If the dye refluxes back into the pelvic, the diagnosis of pelvic congestion can be made. The diagnosis is made immediately, and treatment can be performed in the same setting.

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