Interventional Oncology has developed as an area of specialization within Interventional Radiology in order to focus more specifically on cancer care.

Using minimally invasive techniques, we treat cancers or provide alternatives for cancer patients who are dealing with cancer related medical problems.  Basic cancer services which we provide include placement and management of Ports and central venous access.  Biopsies to establish cancer diagnoses.  Relief of Biliary obstruction with drainage and stenting.  Treatment of chronic pleural effusions and ascites with drainage catheters.  Management and treatment of blood clots using clot removal techniques and IVC filter placement.

In addition, the mainstay of our treatments included catheter directed delivery of cancer killing agents into tumor sites all over the body or by placing a thermal device into a tumor through the skin. Internal Radiation Therapy using Yttrium-90, Chemoembolization and Drug eluting bead therapy, and percutaneous radiofrequency ablation are common treatments we provide.  Dr. Jason R. Bauer is one of only a handful of Authorized Users in the Northwest for Yttrium-90 Sirspheres and TheraSpheres.

Interventional Radiologists who are involved in this type of patient care work closely with your Oncologists and Surgeons as part of a treatment team.  While many can perform these procedures, our role in cancer care is based on careful patient selection,  being up-to-date on current cancer treatment algorithms, participating in multi-disciplinary cancer conferences and leading research projects.  We are not about the procedure but rather the patient.

Abscess Drainage
Biliary Drainage and Stenting
Central Venous Access/Ports/PICC line placement
Chemoembolization/Yttrium-90 Cancer Therapy
Gastrostomy/Jejeunostomy Tube Placement
Image Guided Biopsy
Thermal Ablation of Tumors